Welcome to Think.Love.Smart™, a faith-based, youth development and leadership program dedicated and devoted to enrich and transform lives one day at a time. TLS offers a variety of preventative programs and enrichment activities designed to build self- esteem, character, and leadership amongst girls of all ages. We are excited to share our hopes and vision while implementing effective workshops and programs to produce more self confident and productive young ladies.

Our mission is to provide preparation, inspiration, nurturing and knowledge to girls ages 8-18 through group mentoring, life skills training, career coaching and family enrichment activities.  We invite you to view our web site for details on how you can become involved with our awesome, life changing youth program.

Think.Love.Smart™ services are a valuable resource for guiding our youth on the road to stable and productive lives. Our clients experience the empowering transition from victim to victor by discovering how to not let trials, tribulations, or pride to serve as obstacles on the journey to success.